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Elif Altınsoy
Born in 1978, admitted in 2002.

Experience :
From 2001 till 2003 she worked as an attorney at law in Istanbul branch of an American legal consultancy firm. From 2005 till 2006 she worked as an attorney at law in leading law firms of Turkey. From 2006 till 2007 she worked as a legal counsel of a leading holding of Turkey. She worked as Middle East expansion director and member of board of directors of Alliance of Business Lawyers Network between the year 2008 and 2011.

Education :
She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 2001. She has completed LL.M studies on Information Technologies and Law in Stockholm University Faculty of Law from 2003 till 2004. She has completed LL.M studies on EU Intellectual and Industrial Property Law in Stockholm University Faculty of Law. She has submitted her thesis on “Standard Software Contracts”, “Knowledge Management in Department Multinational Law Firms”, and “Exclusive Rights of Trademark Owner”. She is appointed as Middle East Director and Executive Board Member of Alliance of Business Lawyer Network in 2008 and still continues to serve the network with this capacity.

Other Languages :

  • English (Excellent)

  • Swedish (Excellent)

  • Italian (Good)

  • German (Reading and Writing - Excellent, Speaking-Good)

Publications and Presentations :

  • Pharmaceuticals Advertisements in Turkey (International Advertisement Law Symposium , May 2009, Istanbul, XII Levha Publications, p.243-254)

  • The Bankruptcy Law of the Republic of Turkey (co-authors Elif Altinsoy and Stephen Baister, Corporate Rescue and Insolvency, April 2009 Volume, London, Linklaters, p.67-70)

  • Recent Developments in Telecommunication Market of Turkey (http://vlf.juridicum.su.se/vlf/main.asp?Content=ShowContent&Show=News&ID=120) (2005)

  • Turkish Draft Law on Personal Data Protection used as a source in the “2004 Report on Turkey” by Privacy International which is a non governmental organization established in Great Britain and United States of America.(http://www.privacyinternational.org/article.shtml?cmd%5B347%5D=x-347-83783) (2004)

Other articles that are not published are as follows:

  • Validity of Web Wrap Contracts (2004)

  • Transfer of Technology By License Agreements Under E.C. Regulation (240/96) on Block Exemption For Technology Transfers (2003-2004)

  • Database Protection (2004)

  • Scope of Article Six of the European Convention on Human Rights: Right to a Fair Trial (2003)

Her presentations in Stockholm are on the following topics:

  • Regional Exhaustion in Trademark Law

  • Biotechnological Inventions under the Scope of E.U. Law

  • Introduction of Plant Variety Rights and European Council Regulation on Community Plant Variety Rights (no. 2100/94 dated July 27, 1994).

  • Article 5 (3) of Brussels Regulation and– its interpretation by the ECJ and its applicability to disputes over intellectual property infringements

  • Copyrights in the Information Society - Copyright Limitations v. Contractual Agreements: Is it possible for terms in license to override the statutory scope and limitations of copyright?

  • The Place of the Harmful Event and Bier Case

  • Legal Issues in Online Services

  • Evaluation of Public Legal Information Retrieval Systems

  • Technology Transfer Agreements

Also she made a presentation in a public conference and a meeting in the regarding “Woman’s Rights and Woman Organizations in Turkey” that took place on May 13 and 23, 2005.

Member :

  • Istanbul Bar Association,
  • Swedish Chamber Of Commerce
  • The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey
  • International Law Students Association

Bar Registration No. :