Publications and Presentations
The publications of our office's partner Ms. Elif Altınsoy is as follows:
  • "Recent Developments in Telecommunication Market of Turkey". (
  • "Turkish Draft Law on Personal Data Protection" (2004)
Her presentations in Stockholm are on the following topics:
  • Regional Exhaustion in Trademark Law
  • Biotechnological Inventions under the Scope of E.U. Law
  • Introduction of Plant Variety Rights and European Council Regulation on Community Plant Variety Rights (no. 2100/94 dated July 27, 1994).
  • Article 5 (3) of Brussels Regulation and- its interpretation by the ECJ and its applicability to disputes over intellectual property infringements
  • Copyrights in the Information Society - Copyright Limitations v. Contractual Agreements: Is it possible for terms in license to override the statutory scope and limitations of copyright?
  • The Place of the Harmful Event and Bier Case
  • Legal Issues in Online Services
  • Evaluation of Public Legal Information Retrieval Systems
  • Technology Transfer Agreements